Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar declared Bollywood’s richest stars

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has emerged as the richest actor in India, with a staggering net worth of Rs 6300 crore, according to a recent list released by Forbes. The list, which includes a mix of north and south Indian actors, features several prominent names in the Indian film industry.

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his successful films like ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Pathan’, has maintained his position at the top of the list despite facing some box office flops. His recent ventures have contributed significantly to his net worth, which is significantly higher than that of other top actors in the list.

Salman Khan comes second with a net worth of Rs 2900 crore, followed by Akshay Kumar with a net worth of Rs 2500 crore. Rajinikanth and Allu Arjun round out the top five with net worths of Rs 430 crore and Rs 350 crore, respectively.

The list also includes other notable actors such as Aamir Khan, Joseph Vijay, and Prabhas, who have net worths of Rs 1862 crore, Rs 474 crore, and Rs 241 crore, respectively. Kamal Haasan and Ajith Kumar complete the top 10 with net worths of Rs 150 crore and Rs 196 crore, respectively.

The list highlights the growing influence of the Indian film industry, particularly the success of south Indian films like ‘Bahubali’, ‘RRR’, and ‘Pushpa’, which have contributed to the rise of several south Indian actors in the list. The success of these films has cemented the position of the south Indian film industry alongside Bollywood in the Indian entertainment landscape.

The list is based on data from IMDb and Forbes and provides a comprehensive overview of the financial success of the top actors in the Indian film industry.

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