Gorakhpur restaurant serves tricolour pasta, sandwich ahead of Independence Day

India is ready to celebrate its 75th year of Independence soon. People from across the nation are preparing to mark the day with tri-coloured flags, parades, the National anthem, and many other cultural activities.

Diners and restaurants are also redecorating their interior and menu to keep up with the spirit of the festival. One such restaurant in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh recently made the headlines, when they started serving tricolour food items ahead of the 75th Independence Day of India.

Food items include pasta, fried rice, sandwiches and many more. As per the report of ANI, the eatery is run by a person named Nitish Shukla, who comes from an Army background. Shukla said, “I come from an Army background; so, we thought of doing something completely different this year. Our dishes are presented to the customers with a touch of our tricolour since this year we are celebrating the 75th year of Independence.”

ANI Uttar Pradesh shared the news on its Twitter handle alongside glimpses of the dishes from the restaurant.

In these pictures, we could see a plate with three coloured pastas, a sandwich with tricolour stuffing, rice with coloured dips and noodles with three different types of sauces on it.

This act by Nitish Shukla instantly gathered attention on social media; and users ended up expressing their love to the tweet by ANI. “A special thanks to @ANINewsUP for this coverage. The cafe is @pahadicafe,” wrote a netizen. Another user commented on the post, saying, “Much love.”

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